Workshops - Beaverbrook Library

The workshop participants designed a triangular piece of artwork
that communicates a recorded story, a photograph or a sketch, a doodle or a word.

Using each triangular piece, we then constructed a tree installation.
This visually celebrate that in Canada, we live in diverse communities and each one of us reflects onto the lives of those around us in our neighborhoods.

Workshop structure was differed per age group.
Host performance was adjusted to meet needs ofage group.
Margit and her assistant Lisa, discussed briefly with participants how they relate to trees.  A hands-on exercise introduced the idea of how to know yourself through the wisdom of the trees.

A list of workshops and activities:

Handprint Blossom Trees  -Art activity for 7-9 years old

The library staff and Lisa Flick, worked with Margit Hideg to assist children in creative play activitywith transparent acrylic sheets, paint and a pair of willing hands. This workshop is fabulous way for children to explore the seasonal
changes displayed by trees.

The wisdom of the trees - Art activity for 10-12 years old
Margit shared her knowledge about nature and human relationship and encouraged children tolearn and play with transparent acrylic sheets, paint and letters.
Also it was provided to use a funalphabet code to solve their secret
message from trees.

Self-discovery through the wisdom of the trees - Adult workshop
Workshop participants were encouraged to feel the joy of spontaneous expression throughartmaking and storytelling. It was demonstrated how to usee a transparent acrylic sheet to paintwith special markers. Through a guided meditation and reflection, participants explored how they relate to trees.