An official Canada 150 and Ontario 150 participatory community art project
initiated by Margit Hideg. 

Explores the common, ways to build a community rooted in the EARTH. 

This project engages participants to connect with themselves and their community.

Participants will take time to reflect on their identity: 
in thought and appreciation of themselves, their culture and roots and their existence.

I have chosen to base my work around the experience the organism of a wood. 
The inspiration of trees to open up the emotional consciousness 
and the power of nature.
Trees communicate with us. They tell the story of our nation.
They can speak about our culture.
Trees live in forests - in communities.
They are social beings.
They live together with their children, support and protect them
to grow through their wood wide web root system. 
As a human being we are part of this forest.

Our identity is reflected in the diversity of our trees within our forests.

My intention is to plant seeds  of
Joy, Belonging, Wisdom and Love.
They grow in silence, tuned with nature.
Let them hear their heartbeat, their own voice.
Slowly their creativity starts to blossom.
They become happier and  deeper connected with each other.

This project engages residents of Kanata to connect with themselves, 
their neighbor’s and their community.

Project Goals:

Connect with Key players in Kanata North Community

Build relationship and deepen community connections

Use creativity to reveal and develop awareness and 
capacity of community connections

Engage in and celebrate process oriented work

Develop virtual storytelling platform to share user generated stories

Develop a map of interconnectivity illustrating community connections

Break down barriers to participation

Workshops and Lunch and Learn Sessions:

A series of workshops were offered to different community groups including the high tech community supported by BIA North Kanata. During these Lunch and Learn sessions hosted by local businesses, participants will were able express themselves and their connection to the community through mediation,
art-making and storytelling using transparent acrylic sheets, paint and markers.

Answer the question of how your roots have shaped your life choices.

Create an art piece that is part of a larger sculpture for the installation.
Learn about voices of trees. How to relax and tune into nature’s mind. 
Listen to your inner guidance and your own creativity with:

mediation + art making +storytelling

Participants were lead through a series of exercises to establish or recognize connections that exist between forest and community, threes and self-discovery. 
Were discussed and questioned how we learn to live together through technology and how these participatory cultures including social media, can lead to a positive transformations in our individual lives and societies. 

A series of workshops offered for different groups: children, teenagers, adults and retired community members at the Beaverbrook library.

Workshop and Lunch and Learn sessions goals:

develop more effective ways to build the sense of belonging
reflect on how our culture and roots influencing our choices in life 
help us discover and appreciate our own uniqueness and values similar to the diversity of trees in the forest how nature
helps us ground ourselves: managing our mind in tree-way – to slow down and tune into the language of nature (source of creativity)
feel the interconnectedness with each other

The final installation was constructed with collaborative triangle shaped Mylar art pieces as collaboration captures a beautiful aspect of Canadian culture.