An official Canada150 and Ontario150 participatory community art project.

Lunch and learn session

One hour activity focus in self-discovery and artistic expression!

During this lunch hour participants learned about voices of trees.
After a meditation on the symbolic parallels of trees in forests and human
individuals in communities led by Margit, participants took time to reflect on their Canadian identity: in thought and appreciation of themselves, their culture and family
roots. They then designed a triangular mylar piece with paint markers in a way
they felt visually depicted their identity within their community.

The creative process reflected our diversity and our Canadian identity, while
displaying our connection to the community and everyone around us. It enabled
participant from to come together as a community and celebrate our roots in Kanata.
They learned about voices of trees and willing participants answered the question
of how your roots have shaped your life choices in life.

Participating companies: Ericson Canada, Thinkwrap Commerce , Martello Technologoes andYouiTV